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The Queen of Cliffhanger still reigns…

Oh you guys are funny, but thanks so much for the props. I love knowing you guys are dtlforgetting work, sneaking places to read because you’re supposed to be doing something else, refreshing the screen awaiting on the next installment, staying late at work to see if I posted something late, burning food, and reading while driving.

Even though some of these are dangerous activities its nice to know that I keep your attention with Shane and “the brothers.” (At least I’m away from the twins.)

 Okay, responding to questions and comments:

when are you going to introduce Andrew as Paul’s brother?

Soon. I’m trying to build up the sexual tension, the plot, the subplots and the many different characters that will have an impact on the story. I should say you need to watch Rachel. Although the Meadows are the biggest of Shane’s problems, I wouldn’t discount this chick as someone who’s just a nuisance. Women are the best red herrings in a story. They like to drop verbal clues as to what’s really going on behind he scenes.

if paul’s gonna die, which i love, then will there be a sad ending? I ‘member you saying a long time ago that you had wrote a sad ending for one of your books or was going to do it. Please don’t make it this time. I love this story. I love Shane. She started out somewhat similiar 2yr others but then she’s a little different. Stronger, but like me and keeps her emotions in check. I really like her and i don’t want anything to happen to her.

That has been a past threat of mine. I’m always challenging and pushing the wall that romance has built up. I want to be real about romance and not that old Harlequin crap they use to shovel on us. I guess my views will change once I really do see a knight (actual Knight) in shining armor on a white horse. (I really do mean see one for myself, LOL.)

With that, I hope to give Shane her happy ending, but we’ll know when the time comes and you’ll either be happy with me or mad at me, but I still hope to see you in January when we do “His Substitute Wife…My Sister.”

I think that’s all the real responses. If there are anymore, please add them to below and I’ll respond. (really I will) I’m reading and loving your comments so keep ’em coming.

And of course, as always, invite as many readers you know to join us. Let’s get the whole world talking ’bout this instead of all this other bad stuff. LOL. How do you do this? Open up an email and type (or copy and paste) in the following:

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I’m going to take my flash home for Thanksgiving to post something cause I know making you guys wait for five days would be real torture, although one of you did call me mean, LOL. I’m not that mean though, ha ha… hmmmmm.


Your Author, Sylvia Hubbard

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