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AN: Reader’s Questions Answered 12/6

Been out of the loop and decided I needed to respond to reader’s question. If you asked me something or commented on something please make sure you read through this because for some, I had some questions for you.

Willy: I’ll try. I’m not training today, but taxes are due in the city and it’s chaos over here, cause y’all know Detroiters are broke.

taa2s – from the get go we already know Shane has a soft soft for family and people she cares about. Even when her sister was trying to kill her, Shane still reached back to try to save her. We all make mistakes when it comes to family. Allowing them to repeatedly hurt us and we “stupidly” keep accepting them back in our lives. Shane can’t be all that smart all the time. She’s got to be a little human.

Ashwini – you’re right, I should have put a paragraph or an interaction with Aldrige about the meadows still being at the house. Thanks so much for the heads up.

Julia: I will make it available in print but maybe only on lulu. nothing national for this baby right now.

Philly girl: I had a really stressful day and i didn’t get up until 2am to post. I meant to wake up at seven pm once i got off of work, but i couldn’t get out the induced coma.

MM: I posted and I will really try to post more or finish up the story.

Mona: oh please let me know what exactly what tugged at your heart

Carmel: I’m posting as fast as I can with life getting in my way and all. Bear with me.

Kassie (and all the others that want Paul to live): as creative as I am I don’t think there’s any miracle I can come up with the make paul with. I started the story with the intentions that I would have to get rid of one of the brothers or I’ll just have an interacial Mistaken Identity. (Oh yeah! but boring for the reader). I am so in love with Paul, but I think and hope Andrew will make her happy.

Ashwini: as bad as this sounds, i like knowing I made you cry. that means I’m doing my job as a writer.

Ingrid: please expound on the throat thing so I can go back and find out if I need to expound. thanks. The brothers found out about the baby while Shane was in the hospital when she was admitted by the doctors, but I should point this out shouldn’t i, cause my readers aren’t mind readers. She was in and out of a coma with a slight stint of amenisia

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  1. Jequetta permalink

    okay, i’m read for more. I love reading but hate waiting. Hurry, hurry, hurry!!!!!!!

  2. Syl, I don’t see answers to these questions did I miss them? Are they going to find Shane in time Alive or dead? How come nobody has questioned the valet and noticed she didn’t take the car how or that she left with Evan or that the Meadows still live in the house I don’t believe she is dead evan gave her a way out but where is she?

  3. Carmel: Are they going to find shane in time? that’s telling the story.

    I’ll address the valet in chapter 39 and 40.

  4. Dang Syl can you at least let me know if you are going to post more today.

  5. helena permalink

    of course they’re saving Shane just in time. Sylvia maybe a queen cliffhanger but she’s not cruel… right?!!
    Anyway, love the story so don’t worrry about the 40 chapters, just keep ’em comin…. 😉

  6. i'm buggin permalink

    while i can not lie and say i’m not sucked into this story, i’m buggin cause shane is starting to make me mad. she’s not really being fair to herself or to paul/andrew. she makes me want to shake her because she’s expecting paul and andrew to be upfront with her about questions she has or situations that should really be no concern to her but she won’t have enough faith in them, or at the very least paul, and be upfront about whats happening with her life. is it really fair for this woman to be 32weeks pregant with andrew/paul’s baby and not atleast alert them to the phycos she calls family? for shane to be book smart, she’s not very street smart. i mean, if her gut is telling her not to trust someone that means * DO NOT TRUST THEM!* Unfortunately, it’s too late because they’ve caught her behind and she’s sitting up in the basement corner, with her arms wrapped around her belly shaking and calling herself all kinds of fool for not telling someone what was up. she has a lawyer on her side that can get her the peace of mind she’s wanting, but not willing to follow his lead because “they’re family”. Shane honey, wake up and smell the folgers, you are the only one that feels that way and while i hate to see her go through this, especially now with being pregnant and paul’s health failing, but my girl put herself in the situation she’s in. bet you next time she’ll open her mouth a whole lot sooner and she might not find herself in this jacked up situation.

    as far as shane and the senator, i’m still up in the air about that relationship. he – being the senator – has contacts with all types of people and he could check up on his daughter and get her out of that jacked up situation. the janitor lady at the college knows who he is and has been in contact with him on enough occasions that he’s not blind as to what was taking place in that house, he’s not really ranking top in my book as father’s of the year, because he didn’t do anything. yes, he made a promise to shane’s mother, but if he was able to have her followed and have an album full of pictures of her life outside and her life accomplishements, then he should have kept up the *stalking* and found out what shane’s home life was like.

    evan makes me sick. i want him to fall down the basement stairs and crack his skull. he’s not man enough to stand up for his kids, knowing buddrick killed his parents and shane’s aunt killed one of his kids. he’s won the *bamma of the week* award.

    while i like onyx heart, she needs to tone her attitude down about 100 notches. everyone knows she the ish – i’m like, get over yourself woman.

    now, with that said, update soon because regardless of the above comments, you are a great writer and i can’t wait to read more of this story. come on sylvia, feed my need – feed my need.

  7. taa2s permalink


    I’ve refreshed like 30 timers today and still no update.. what r u doin’ to me gal? u know i only come online at work and this is a week end.. that’s how i missed the ending of reunion and sex weed….don’t make me miss out on this one too or ur not gonna believ ..wh at i’ll do to u..hehhe.. pleading, begging, threatening..POOOOOSSTTTTTT!!

  8. Sylvia are you going to post today? 🙂

  9. Phyllis permalink


    Are you going to keep us in suspense all weekend long. Please post some more to tide us over until Monday. Can Shane have all this book sense and no common sense to trust Evan and even go near any of her relatives. What in the world was she thinking.

  10. helena permalink

    sylvia, don’t tell me you’re gonna leave us hanging for much more. That’s cruel! We gotta know what’s happens with Shane, Andrew and Paul!!

  11. Philly Girl permalink


    Hope your weekend was relaxing; I’m looking forward to this week’s updates!

  12. Sylvia please please please please please please please please please please please
    please please please please please please
    please please please please please please
    please please please please please please
    please please please please please please
    Post today

  13. Africa permalink

    Where is Sylvia? Anyone heard from her?

  14. taa2s permalink


    where r u? i’ve refreshed all day long and no postiess!! pls pls post..pretty pls!

  15. eva permalink

    you must be waiting til the count reaches 30,000! u cant do this to me now sylvia!! i got exams!!! killer ones!!! i need peace!!!

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