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Chapter 38

December 6, 2007


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Chapter 38 Drawing The Line (c) 2007 by Sylvia Hubbard

  1. taa2s permalink

    Run andrew.. run.. she’s at her house! wow! lets hope they get there on time.. i hate evan.. he’s a coward and shane stupiddd!! how could she follow him in the car? …daddy senator.. save shane quickly!

  2. Willy permalink

    Pretty pretty, Pretty please with sugar on top… can you post another chapter 2day…. just 4 us 😉

  3. Syl,

    You said chapter 40 this is only 38.1 what is going on I neeeeeeddddd something to read this morning Please Please Please. Are they going to find Shane in time Alive or dead? How come nobody has questioned the valet and noticed she didn’t take the car how or that she left with Evan or that the Meadows still live in the house I don’t believe she is dead evan gave her a way out but where is she?

  4. sandy permalink

    l love Onyx she seems weird but alway wants the cut throat ruth wonder wht drew will do
    can’t wait until the next post

  5. jrboss permalink

    I’m nervous like it’s happening to me. Please post today, please. I’m at work now and I forget when the phone rings to answer professionally. I answer like “Hello, what, oh I’m sorry, How can I help you. LOL. So, could you please put me out of my misery.

  6. Deja permalink

    Yeah don’t keep us in suspence here especially at work. Sylvia, you know its distractly us professionally lol 🙂 Great post. 🙂

  7. Onyx is truly the baddest chick! It would be nice to see her and Andrew get together, after she kicks his ass!

  8. Mona permalink

    Andrew has held his peace long enough…its time for him to lay hands on someone…. I’m all in favor for it being that weak willed Evan!

  9. Tori permalink

    Welcome back Onyx! I was wondering if her or Lethal will make an appereance. Now that I know Onyx is on the case I am not worried. Although it seems Shane’s been missing for a while. I hope she is ok and the baby. Great Post!

  10. Sylvia are you going to post today ? 😉

  11. Jhazmin permalink

    ahh!! dont leave me hanging!

  12. Philly Girl permalink

    Did you just post the rest of DTL on lulu? I didn’t see updates for the remaining stories, just notices that you’ve moved the story.

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