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New Look, Same story

it wasn’t because i was bored.

 it wasn’t because i had nothing better to do.

 it was because i’m a woman and i’m fickle and i like to see change and i like to do things out of the box.

i’m also a writer and i really do think shifting things around, making things different, difficult and dynamite is in our blood.

(oh i should trademark that one)

posted on turkey day. and i’ll post tomorrow. hopefully i’m not to full and won’t fall into a coma until sunday night in order to post.

hope you ate good, appreciate the blessings you have, and then told all your family about the page turning story you’re reading by this wonderful author named Sylvia Hubbard. (sil-ve-ah and not silver, okay.)

happy reading.

Oh if you’re new today, go to the about page and mark it as your favorite. Directions to catch up with us are at the bottom of the message.

  1. This looks refreshing sylvia.. good work.. and thanks for stating shane might get a happy ending…

  2. we reached our 5000 mark today and boy am I happy.

    It’s estimated that this blog has received over 500 hits a day.

    That’s cool and our best day was last Wednesday when we almost reached the 1000 mark.

    We’ve picked up over ten more readers, but don’t let that stop your word ofmouth. Keep talking about me. I love the attention.

  3. Helena permalink

    Wauv, yes I’m holding my breath. You really are the cliffhanger queen. Don’t let us wait too long.

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