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Good Moaning!11/29/07

Hey readers,

Hi’ya doing. First and foremost I’d like to apologize for the typos. I’m really trying to catch them as I go a bit slower. I’m posting faster, but if you guys catch them let me know cause I thinking I’m catching them, but obviously, I’m missing something. thanks.


Check out my book, Secrets, Lies & Family Ties on Amazon Kindle.  If you have read the story (This is the Grae and Ezekiel story), have an Amazon account, please go there and post your review NOW!!!!

I’m now listed in Who’s Who In Black Detroit! I’m so happy to be apart of what could become a very historic book.


I made an appearance on one of the reader’s blog with my views on Violence. Check out her blog: and read my comments on her question.

Reader’s Questions Answered:

Rochelle was described as a mid fourties AA woman. (well at least I thought I did, but I’ll check again.)

New Readers :

Please go to the about page to get the breakdown and save to favorites

  1. kassie permalink

    Sylvia, am going crazy i have checked ur site for more than 100 times now. I am still waiting for my miracle. Pls dont disappoint me.

  2. Phyllis permalink


    I really missed you not posting today. Please get back to us soon.

  3. ashwini permalink

    Hi Sylvia,
    Can You give me more details as to what she did to Paul?

  4. taa2s permalink


    I just love the twis tand turns you’ve added to this story! its really cool..and you are pouring out so much in a short gal! U d bomb!

  5. Jequetta permalink

    where is the love. I am dying a little bit each day i get on here and their is nothing. Help a sista out gurl. Toss me a bone to tide me over pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!1

  6. Sylvia are you posting today?

  7. You hit the 15,000 mark and beyond Yeah!!

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