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Good Evening….Gaston’s Desire…Can You Name the Book?

10,000 is a nice number.

I would love to hit it by  the middle of this week, but of course I would need your help. Hint Hint. Pass  the world, post me on a blog, talk about me in reader’s forums, a blow it up all over the Internet. (I’ll come to reader’s groups for chats and if you send me questions, I’ll do interviews just for you.)

Ummm, no, i’m not posting, right now.



(yes, i’m screaming with you.)

I hope I can get to work on time to post before the trainee comes in

Why do i have to be the only one to train?

I don’t mind it. It gives me time to write more.

BTW, been working on the substitute wife thing. It’s a pretty complicated plot and I never expected it to turn like it is turning.

But you’re going to enjoy this one.

Back to Drawing The Line

Reader’s Questions

Gaston’s Desire is not real and there’s no where on the internet to find it. I have to ruin the fantasy right here because over ten people did ask about not only the dessert but the restaurant as well. there’s no Mario Gaston restaurant in Detroit and the dessert was really from my imagination.

I have a very good imagination as you can see.

That’d be cool if I could find someone to do a Gaston’s Desire though.

Anyhoo, other places with Gaston’s Desire would be Sin’s Iniquity and there’s one more book, but for the life of me I can’t remember.

So if anyone can remember how about I give you a present. The Maniac Neighbor. It’s a story that I wrote for Amazon Connect, but I never released it.

Know the book, post it in the comments first and Maniac Neighbor is all yours.

Clue to future of story: There’s even more to Rach, but I’m about to hurt Shane so brace yourself.

Now new readers, since you aren’t used to me and I don’t do any small hurts to my main characters. I’ve been know to stab pregnant women, kill a kid and shoot one main character and drop him in the water for dead. (Sin’s Iniquity, remember guys. That was fun).

So I should warn new readers that I make sure that when I hurt, I do hurt and I don’t have any sleepless nights about it.

Read on. And of course, keep passing the word.

If you’re just joining us, please go to:


love ya!

Your author, Sylvia

  1. Wasn’t the other book SI:I

  2. Carmel: I don’t know, but I did need Sin’s Iniquity done. The other abbreviations for SI could be stealing innocence 1 and 2.

  3. oh fick! you were referring to the book contest. LOL.

    That’d be a good question. Can anyone vouch for this or are you going to make me do some research?

  4. eva permalink

    is it gaston or GAVIN?

  5. eva permalink

    okay i give up!! is the story a short story or something u fully completed and posted on your blog at one point in time?

  6. it’s supposed to be gaston, but I think in another book,I slightly changed the name, but the dessert was just the same.

    I know that Sinclaire received some in Sin’s Iniquity from Dwight and then it was another character who just briefly talked about them, but I’m still unsure.

    Will research it and see.

  7. I swear it was SI when it was given to Kim I could be wrong but I can’t remember the situation I am trying though but as for the book I am waiting on you to send it so that I can begin to proofread. Now is the perfect time since my job just pissed me OFF.

  8. Carmel: i sent it through my government address because it was taking too long through yahoo.

  9. I got it and will start work today.

  10. taa2s permalink

    I think it was the reunion…oops..or is it over?

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