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Chapter 37.1

December 4, 2007

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Chapter 37.1 Drawing The Line (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

Getting dizzy from pushing it out.

But wanted to make up for yesterday and leaving y’all hanging.

You’re so quiet. Comment! Comment Comment!

(Especially if you haven’t commented before)

  1. Deja permalink

    Oh gawd no. I like Paul i don’t want him to die. But that is what makes you a good writer sylvia, not all life is roses. Thanks for all the chapters sylvia it was great.

  2. Phyllis permalink


    I am glad to have you back today. This last cliffhanger is really good. I can’t wait until tomorrow for the next chapter.

  3. U make me cry…

  4. He is gonna die.. he is my sweetie..OMG

  5. I am now very sad and don’t want to read more, but I want to read more I know your stories can’t be all roses so I have to deal with the bad I just wish there was a magic cure that would come and save the day for paul. I think that would make the story really instresting now that shane and andrew are in love.

  6. Carmel: there’s no cure for brain tumors. I wish there were. I love Paul very much and he’s so good to Shane and she needs all the goodness she can get.

  7. Jessie permalink

    Why did you have to leave us with that bad point? You could of made the ending point better and maybe happier.


  8. Africa permalink

    I am so caught up in this story, I feel like the charcthers really exist(that’s how good you are Sylvia). Almost want to cry that the end is almost here for Paul. He’s brought much good into Shane’s life.

    Don’t hate me for this now but Paul must die. While I love him, I want Shane to be with Andrew. Just love the underdogs. That man seriously needs the love of a good woman – and Shane loves him.

    Begging !!!! Plllllease finish chapter 37 today. Have exam tommorrow and can’t check net then.

  9. thanks Africa

    Jessie: ummm, yeah, I could have made it better. I was gonna leave you at the end of chapter 36 cause that was so sweet how Paul still wanted to please Shane and be with her. but then I was thinking would I be denying my position? Would I need a spanking if I don’t live up to my title?


  10. Philly Girl permalink

    Nooo, this is the beginning of the end for Paul! I was so hoping he’d make it to see the baby born…please let him make it that far!

    I hope Andrew and Shane can work out their issues before they’re forced together by Paul’s death…

  11. Aww I really don’t want him to die even though I know he must. 😦 I wish she had told Andrew how she felt. Oh yeah what happened to Evan and the Meadows? We haven’t heard about them lately.

  12. Jequetta permalink

    oh god, why can’t you let him live or something. I think i’m gonna cry. Why all the good ones is the ones that get killed off or die. But i’m ready for more.

  13. let him make it till after the baby is born. don’t let paul die!!!

  14. nia permalink

    AHH! I should have waited to read this chapter! I knew the cliffhanger was coming. LOL

  15. Tori permalink

    This wayyyy to soon. I really wanted Paul to make it to see the baby. But I am glad they were in the hospital. It really sucks that he has to die. He is really great guy. Good Post!

  16. Willy permalink

    OMG OMG OMG!!!

    Where is Andrew when they need him!!!!!
    I don’t want Paul to die like this…….

  17. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, no not Paul! Sylvia you always get your readers emotionally involved with your characters. I need a tissue!

  18. ashwini permalink

    You made me cry. I am just out of words to express how Shane can even hold herself up. I just hope she delivers the child so that Paul can atleast see him before he dies.

  19. Africa permalink

    Where are you Sylvia,

    Need a or two post before I go into all-day exam. You can do it. Refreshing page like mad

  20. kassie permalink

    Pls dont do this gurl. I’m already crying, it wont be so bad to ask for another miracle?
    Just kidding, but could you pls make his death as painless as possible.

  21. wow i commented too soon. yea you brought back the drama. not wanting to be mean. but im happy some man is getting hurt. currently going through some man drama here. oh gosh in all months december. just when you need some arm candy.

    but to comment on the story. yea wish it wasnt paul

  22. Mona permalink

    More —– More ——–More

    My heart tugged at what I think we’re obviously going to see shortly…


  23. waiting patiently for ur next post 😛 …. (refreshing lots lol)

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