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Chapter 33.2

December 1, 2007


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Chapter 33.2 Drawing The Line (c) 2007 by Sylvia Hubbard

  1. Thats great….
    Paul is getting into realy play…
    But i am still confused about shanes feelings..
    Does she have equal feelings for both Paul and Andrew.. or just pity for Paul..?

  2. Philly Girl permalink

    Shane finally put it on Paul and unknowingly reeled in Andrew tighter! I’ll assume that these excerpts are from chapter 32 and not chapter 33…

  3. eva permalink

    omg omg how in the world! only a woman could create a miracle like that! but poor andrew he’s in love oh sylvia what are you gonna do?? dont break anybody’s heart yet!!

  4. what a cruel cliffhanger

  5. Mona permalink

    You work it girl!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Anna permalink

    I feel so sad for Andrew right now, but happy for Paul all the same!

    You’re a very very very very good writer Sylvia!

  7. Jessie permalink

    Never believe that anything is not possible. Anything is possible if you just believe it is. That was a nice thing for Shane to do for Paul. We all need to learn how to do nice things like that for the people we love. Maybe, not just like that act. Can’t wait to find out how Paul reacts after Shane brings him pleasure that he has not ever before been ever to get. I believe Andrew is going to blow his top after this.

  8. Aw right, Shane.

  9. kassie permalink

    I dont think that was fair. But thanks for the miracle. Why do i have this feeling that the note wasnt from Andrew?

  10. ladystarling permalink

    I’m on the other side of the world, so it’s already monday noon. That’s not fair. I have to wait longer than the rest of you!!!
    btw, I’m with kassie on the note, it’s not from Andrew, is it?

  11. Tori permalink

    I am glad that Paul has found some pleasure in this. I always liked him from the beginning and I am hoping that she does have Paul’s baby. I am still on the fence about Andrew. He is to cocky for me and have no feelings. So if I had my wish Paul and Shane will have that baby together and screw eachother’s brains out!

  12. ashwini permalink

    give us more!!! Is Andrew Joining in or waiting for Shane to finish with Paul???

  13. Its monday………. and no post yet… ?

  14. I don’t think the note was from andrew either I hope now that he is there she won’t go. Glad Paul finally got him some. When you going to write more Sylvia?

  15. Deja permalink

    Yeah i have a feeling that note isn’t from Andrew either. I think it is from the meadows or troy or something. Don’t meet him shane. I hope that Andrew wont get jealous over what Shane is doing for Paul, he deserves it, or to at least experience it. Great post Sylvia 🙂

  16. kay permalink

    OMG is all i can say……….i dont think the note is from Andrew either

  17. eva permalink

    hey sylvia hope all is well and you are doing okay… you have been quiet we are worried!!! please let us kno how you are doing

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