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Chapter 30.1

November 29, 2007

this is the last post for the day.

 i know i was quiet but lots going on and real tired.

it’s greys anatomy tonight and that’s my third favorite show.

might have more energy tomorrow.

been trying to think about going to the gym.

i’ve realized my metabolism is slowing down and now i have two gray hairs. (One which my son thought was funny to yank out while I was in a work induced coma then tied it around his finger to play with for two days amazed it was so long.)

and i’m supposed to think he’s a blessing?




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Chapter 30.1 Drawing The Line (c) by Sylvia Hubbard


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  1. You just mean girly just mean.

  2. Deja permalink

    Torturing poor Shane like that, for shame sylvia. Lol What am i saying torturing me you are. 🙂

  3. i hate and love your cliffhangers at the same time. argh!!

  4. Aran permalink

    What a place to stop :)! That is not at all fair to your avid readers! will you be updating over the weekend too?

  5. Jequetta permalink

    more more more, i want more. Don’t i sound like a two year old. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. How mean of you to leave it there. 😦 lol Why is Derrick’s funeral on christmas? and why did they think Shane would be like “OMG! Of course I want to spend my christmas with all of you even though you’re scheming against me.”? Are they in that much denial? lol I hope you update tomorrow.

  7. African fan permalink

    Thats just plain cruel – sylvia. Finish the chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. You didn’t reveal the tips from Sadie! You are a cruel woman, Sylvia. That’s just plain wrong. She better try them with Paul before she tries them with Andrew. Shane should just stay away from Evan and her family. Can’t wait for your next post.

  9. taa2s permalink


    U’re upping the game here! lets see how much Evan can spill of the beans…now i know that special drawing has something to do with evan warning shane away from the house!

    Sylvia, my last comment varnished..? I hope this one doesn’t too.

  10. Okay forget about the weekend will you be updating today. Please say you will please.

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