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Chapter 26.2

November 28, 2007

Hey, this is a lot to process, so I might post one more time today.

 For all the shout outs on the Internet, and I’m watching and getting alerted all the time, I want to say thanks so much.

Let’s flood the Internet with my name so I can hurry up and do this full time and pump out more books. LOL.

BTW, before we start on the trek to close this baby, is anyone interested in editing cause someone said I had a lot of grammatical mistakes. Which I’m so sorry bout.




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Chapter 26.2 Drawing the Line (c) 2007 By Sylvia Hubbard


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  1. I knew it I knew it I knew it That Itch with a capital B if she find out that is her sister the it is going to Hit the fan. Ya Heard!! Troy is a trip he don’t like shane because that is his half sister what a trip. Tyrex that explains why the senator wants to tear them to shreds and how they know shane is his daughter and why they are following her. Why don’t they have somebody protecting her and when is something going to happen to shane?

  2. Deja permalink

    Wow that chapter has lots of info i need to take in., I will have to read it again. As always a good post.

  3. nia permalink

    WOW! I can’t get over the amount of hits in ONE DAY! YOUR story is rockin’!

  4. Ingrid permalink

    I’ll edit for you if you like. I always edit books before I pass them on. sometimes I have to edit and then read the book its so bad. There’s a lot of info in this chapter. I think Shane needs to get over her need for secrecy and she should trust those with more power than her to protect her from her relatives. Why would Paul and Andrew assume the Senator would have reservations about the race differnces between Paul and Shane (his wife is white) and not concern about the fact that Paul is sick and 13 years older than Shane. Also why is Andrew so inept with woman, did he just slam, bam, get lost with Rachel because he didn’t want to be there or because he really is a jerk?

  5. Wow! Everything carmel beauty said!

  6. Tori permalink

    I loved both of the chapters. I can’t believe that Rachal and Troy are Shanes siblings. That was a shock. But I am glad to see that Shane knows her father. Great Post!

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