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Chapter 25.2

November 27, 2007

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Chapter 25.2 Drawing The Line (c) by Sylvia Hubbard


Boy, you guys are quiet. Okay, that’s it for today. I’m still hoping we can hit the 10,000 mark. That’d be cool because we’re past the midway point in the story. (New Readers: I average about  40 chapter girl.)

And yes, I did leave yet another CLIFFHANGER, because I’m what?____________(you fill in the blanks.)


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  1. eva permalink

    daaaamn for a minute paul DID seem like a creepy stalker. HOW CAN YOU LEAVE US WITH THAT?? now i shall be forced to work sum more hours:(

  2. Ingrid permalink

    WOW getting better and better. I knew it about Shane and the Senator but I’m confused about the scrapbook and Paul having it. They’ve “interviewed” thousands of ladies for the “position” they are offering Shane, Please elaborate and please don’t let Bethany get anymore money including and especially the 50 thou Shane has!! Please let Paul’s etc. knowledge of Shane run deep enough to know all and stop it and she go to prison for killing that child, in fact all of them and Shane raise Donald. Anyway powerful stuff here lady, powerful!!! Thx

  3. you are mean just mean but you keep me coming back for more but in your last chapter you did promise us two more chapters this was only one so I am hoping for an extra tomorrow.

  4. That whole creepy stalker thing was making me scared for a minute. I’m so confused at how they all know eachother though. ugh You’re killing me over here. lol

  5. shonda permalink

    OOOHHH! Sylvia you is off the chain! update! update! UPDATE! lol

  6. Oh no you didn’t just leave us hangin’ like that? You are a cruel woman Sylvia. Can’t wait for the next installment(s)!

  7. Deja permalink

    In regards to your last commet. That is because you are The Queen of Cliffhangers of course. lol Aww man what a way for Shane to find out, poor girl. Man i would just feel like decking either Andrew or Paul the buggers. 😡

  8. nia permalink

    And yes, I did leave yet another CLIFFHANGER, because I’m what?_YOU ARE THE QUEEN OF SUSPENCE


  9. ladystarling permalink

    uhhh, i can’t sit still in my chair. I feel like jumping up and down. It’s sooo good!! I think i’m addicted, more please!!

  10. kassie permalink

    That was a shocker although I was expecting it. If Senator Payne is her father, what I dont get is why he made her suffer all those years under Bethany’s custody without making an appearance or was he waiting for her to die. What is Rochelle problem with Shane relationship with the twins, or is she working for Racheal or something? I was hoping Onyx would make an appearance here.

  11. Aran permalink

    I had guessed Payne would be Shane’s father (their names rhyme- coincidence? :)). But am not able to guess why a mother would allow the grandmother to poison her kid when she clearly knows that the money is not coming to her! Waiting to see how all of this is going to come together…

  12. Philly Girl permalink

    I knew it!

  13. Tori permalink

    I knew that was her father. I said it from the beginning. I wonder what happen between her mother and him. I was getting a little worried about Paul. He did seem like a psycho with the pictures. Great Post.

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