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Chapter 24

November 27, 2007

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Chapter 24 Drawing The Line (c) 2007 by Sylvia Hubbard


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  1. Deja permalink

    Gosh i do hope she tells one of them. What if something happened to her then what would happen. Please Shane tell someone at least.

  2. Ingrid permalink

    I find it a little strange that Shane’s lawyer tells her to get in touch with him day or night anytime and then seemly disappears. Did Bethany do something here? And what did Evan do and is he the father of Trudy’s twins? What makes Shane so trustworthy that she can have Paul and Andrew’s secret and then debate with herself whether to share EVERYTHING about her situation? But then again when the guys decided on her for their mate didn’t they check everything out, didn’t Andrew tell her he knew more about her than he did himself, can’t she remember all this (her the keeper of their secret, their dossier on her) and trust them? I hope she’s not going to be a book smart woman with no common sense, that would really be annoying.

  3. Oh, I can’t wait for Bethany to get hers (hopefully death). Shane should tell Paul and Andrew about her so-called family.

  4. Tori permalink

    Man… the aunt is mean and crazy. How can a daughter go along with killing her on son for money. Let along a grandmother killing her gandson. I really hope the all rot in hell. Great Post.

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