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Chapter 22.1

November 26, 2007

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Chapter 22.1 Drawing The Line (c) by Sylvia Hubbard


From → Chapter 22

  1. Sylvia I know you want to write just one or two more chapters before 5pm I am sure of it.

  2. Gail F. permalink


    Me likes how you’re bringing on the goodies. This is so sensuous; what a seduction.

    Shane is lucky indeed. I’m with Eva on the sticky bun. I want some.

  3. eva permalink

    hot……enough with the sweet seduction! i’m ready for andrew 2 take over and get agressive and …. rough and other things

  4. Deja permalink

    Be still my beating heart. All i can say is “Wow”. Hmmm great chapter, i like where it is leading upto. lol

  5. Philly Girl permalink

    Noooooo, it can’t end there!

  6. nia permalink

    HOT FUDGE! i can’t wait for the next post. I hope Rachel doesn’t show up to ruin it…make the next post LONGER, please. LMAO

  7. Aran permalink

    It took a while for me to get to this site- but once i found it I could not stop reading. Am sure my colleagues found it funny coz I was having this dreamy expression on my face! Nyways, this is not done Sylvia- u cannot stop just when I was getting the tingly feeling myself- lol!

  8. Kim permalink

    I just started reading it today…and I am finished and I need another fix so I am begging with the rest of the ladies…MORE PLEASE!!!!

  9. Wow, talk about foreplay! And they’re just starting! It’s okay to draw it out some more but let’s not get crazy. Just from the comments, I see there are a few ladies here anxiously waiting for Paul and especially Andrew to get all alpha on Shane. Don’t be a tease, I’m feenin for the next chapter or two or three, hell even four!

  10. kassie permalink

    I am beggin u pls post some more.

  11. Mona permalink

    Okay….how many chapters are there planned?

    Is it bad of me to say – pick up the pace….I wanna know what happens?!

    I know, I know patience….so maybe three more chapters tomorrow?


  12. Tori permalink

    Man that chapter was on FIRE!!! I think I need to go find my hubby and do the do. Damn that was hot! Great post.

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