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Chapter 21.2

November 26, 2007

okay, finally got back to the computer again and i’m so dying to let you know what’s going on.

I’m just as excited as you are.

First timers that responded, “Wow! Thanks and I do hope you enjoy this journey.”

New REaders who haven’t (we picked up like about eight more). okay, umm, I’m dying to know what u think.

For those of you that send a message out to your reader groups!


I saw the links and hits I got from the groups and I was just floored that you actually do like me enough to pass the word.

Honored that you think so highly of my writing.

okay, Carmel, I know you’re dying and yes, you should be working, but so should I.

PS: Do me a favor and comment to the author, sydney molare, below and tell her not to call my job and report me writing for not working. She’s trying to mess up a sistah’s hook up, LOL. Then you need to be on the lookout for her book, Satisfy Me Again coming in December. The first book, Satisfy Me was soooo GOOD! I’ll keep you abreast of that too.

alright, alright, I’m shutting up. Here’s the rest of Chapter 21.




This section was deleted. Please check in order to retrieve this book or subscribe to author’s newsletter for more information at:  

 Chapter 21.2 Drawing The Line (c) 2007 By Sylvia Hubbard


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  1. Gail F. permalink

    Okay “Queen of Mean” you got a sista at work (not working because she’s constantly refreshing).

    Stop teasing………I’m ready for the goodies(lol).

    Girl, you have written some good things, but I rate this one at the TOP (as I bow down).


  2. kassie permalink

    Oh no you didnt. How could you, my mouth is watering over here. Anyway, I always suspected something about Racheal.

  3. Deja permalink

    Ack your killing me Sylvia, literally. You are being bad leaving us in suspense like that. Now i will keep on refreshing to see if anything new has been added.

  4. Tell me how to make Gastons Delight I feel I can almost smell it through the computer screen.

  5. eva permalink

    OMG IT IS HOT HOT HOT…. OMG that sounds like a fantasy!! what i would give 2 be shane right now… between 2 hot men and sum sticky honey bun dessert??!! OMG sylvia finish please finish please i can’t even finish my work yet

  6. Ughhhhh stop leaving us hanging lol

  7. Tori permalink

    OHHHH this is going to be good! I am so ready for the next part.

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