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Chapter 21.1

November 26, 2007

training. oh gawd!

 couldn’t get to a computer until now.



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Chapter 21.1 Drawing the line (c) 2007 by Sylvia Hubbard


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  1. I don’t wanna be the first comment because then its apparent I have no life lol but WOW @ it being Rachel. I wasn’t expecting that at all. Can’t wait to read more.

  2. *jul* permalink

    Ok, Sylvia… I’ve been reading your work for a while, but have not commented until now!! This is just fabulous!!! Keep up the good work!!

  3. What the fizzy? Sylvia how could you end it like that? I mean I need to know I need to know do you understand that I need to know? Please give me more that was an interesting twist I never in my wildest dreams expected her to be the stepmother, but it explains all of her animosity. Why is her last name Pek though? Also why does she work there the father had to have some money she could be doing anything else? I need more details.

  4. eva permalink

    i knew that trick rachel was lying!! andrew sounds toooo hot to suck in bed! and why is she working for them if they dislike each other so much??

  5. Deja permalink

    That last part got a good chuckle out of me. I am still giggling slightly. That should tweak Andrew’s ego a bit lol. Great post sylvia

  6. Tori permalink

    Wow so Rachael is step mommy dearest. You got me on that one Sylvia. I knew something was up with that lady. Great Post!

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