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Chapter 20.3

November 24, 2007


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Chapter 20.3 Drawing The Line (c) 2007 by Sylvia Hubbard

this is the end of chapter 20. No comment or are you holding your breath in anticipation?

More post after counter reaches 6000.

BTW, What are u doing with all that turkey and is there anything other than baking a turkey that you can do ? Someone gave me a turkey and its really taking up too much room in the refrigerator.


  1. Philly Girl permalink

    We’ve been eating leftovers, but we’ll slice down the turkey and freeze the meat for later use. If you don’t plan on baking your bird, maybe you can section it up and freeze it. Other than that, I don’t know what you’d do with it.

    Hope that helps…

  2. kassie permalink

    Tell me you are joking. You cant just stop there.

  3. I don’t know about everyone else, but I personally am holding my breath in anticipation lol You got my hopes up I was like “I just know she’s not gonna post over the weekend.” -sniffle- I know ppl fry their turkey, but it sounds extremely dangerous. (I don’t cook lol so I have no other ideas.)

  4. nia permalink

    OMG…That was hot! You have a GIFT with words. Can’t wait til Monday!

  5. eva permalink

    if you are a food network junkie like myself rachel ray has like 50 million things to do with turkey. i love some turkey soup kinda like veggie soup but with turkey in it. but if you dont like soup here’s the food network website,1972,FOOD_9845_5090156,00.html#tgleft

  6. ladystarling permalink

    Wauv,yes I’m holding my breath – and soon turning blue. You really enjoy leaving the readers on the edge of the seat. Please continue writing. I’m looking forward to reading Dark facade…

  7. helena permalink

    Keep the chapters coming.You have a way with words and got me on the edge of my chair! Monday can’t come soon enough….

  8. I’ve had enuff turkey, well except for turkey sandwiches. The carcass will become soup. Fried turkeys are delicious but let someone who has fried one before do it. Can’t wait for the next chapter Sylvia.

  9. no turkey in the netherlands. just me and my sister discussing the what in the hell of this story. our morals are all over the place… gosh i hope never to be in that situation. my brains hurt. in short “better you than me madame shane, better you than me”

  10. taa2s permalink


    WOW! is it hot in here or what?! now that’s how to keep a gal’s juice running!! shane deserves to have a night of fun and games with the men she loves b4 some actions come into play.. esp that fake evan…urgghhh i could break him with my bare hands!

    Lovely update..and happy thanksgiving to all americans. here’s wishing you a lovely xmas in advance!!

  11. tysj permalink

    love this format. This story is great!

  12. Tori permalink

    Shane is the MAN!!! Lol these men are about to give her a time of her life. I can’t wait to see what happen.

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