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Chapter 20

November 23, 2007

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Chapter 20 Drawing The Line (c) 2007 by Sylvia Hubbard

  1. kassie permalink

    I had to read this chapter twice, i could practically imagine smooth over Andrew’s head. I love the sexual tension between Andrew and Shane. Gurl remember u said chapter 20, so i’m waitin …………..

  2. kassie permalink

    typin error i really hate this. I meant smoke over Andrew’s head

  3. Hi’ya!

    If you’re reading this, then you know this is the auhtor.

    I’m holding off the rest of the post until the stats get to 5000.

    Especially since this is the pinnacle.

    How to do that you ask?

    Invite friends to come join us using the link into the story at:

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    Happy after Thanksgiving and blessings to share with you many more!!

    Your, Author:

    Sylvia Hubbard

  4. 4,988 hits so far sylvia.. 12 more to go.. am waiting here.. do post it…:-))

  5. Philly Girl permalink

    Poor Shane! She just low-balled herself and doesn’t even know it. That money will not be enough to buy her aunt out of her house; once Shane comes up with that check, Bethany will want more. She’ll see it as the beginning of a never-ending bank supply…

    And whatever happened to Aldridge? He’s sorta dropped off the face of the earth. I hope Shane can get wise legal counsel with everything signed in triplicate before she hands that money over!

  6. personally i would have said 5 mil but i guess thats just the number at the fore front of my mind 😛 good post, nice plot

  7. Shane is makin’ me want to hurt her. She needs to forget about that so-called family and concentrate on Paul and Andrew. I know I wouldn’t have a problem. Uh, maybe I’m getting a bit to wrapped up in this story but Sylvia, your stories do that to a person. Keep on writin’ Gurl!

  8. Tori permalink

    Man this is an intense chapter! WHOOOO!!!! I feel for Shane. That girl got the fire…lol

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