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Chapter 18.1

November 21, 2007

omg! i can’t believe you guys really listen me. Since this mornings post, we’ve had ten new readers. OMG! Someone actually told someone about me. I’m just shocked. But you know I’m always shocked that someone actually comes everyday to read my writings. I write to entertain myself. Serious. Could you imagine how I would be if I didn’t write. That’s why I tell people I’m bad on paper so I can be good in life. (snickering wickedly, although I still dream about being in Dana’s and Shane’s shoes a lot.) LOL.

I’ve been reading some books lately. I met this doctor at this Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority gathering that I did this weekend and he talks about eating healthy.

You gotta check out his website at:

He’s a cutie gurlz and his book is pretty interesting. I’m almost impressed, but you know I’m a Shaner. Can’t be showing that. Gotta be professional.

(giggling to myself at that word I just made up. Shaner. LOL.)

Anyhoo, this is most likely the last post of the day. I’m going to see Hitman. I’m excited.

(tapping chin thinking)

I got ideas about some stories but I’m keeping it all inside. If anyone has any research on FlexFuel technology can you hit me up offline. I want to know some things.

I just ordered this Encyclopedia of Serial Killers from A to Z from Amazon. I now have also the Encyclopedia of Robberies and also the encyclopedia of horror.

Yeah weird.

Okay happy turkey day, be grateful, eat a lot for me and as always:



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Chapter 18.1 Drawing The Line by Sylvia Hubbard





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  1. let me correct that. it’s actually 25 new readers. WOW! Thanks

  2. i guess i will have to wait until monday good work sylvia Oh Queen of the Cliffhangers!!!!!

  3. Deja permalink

    Happy Turkey Day to you to Sylvia. Had our turkey day last month as i live in canada. Keep up the good work. I will actually send this website my mom and a few friends of mine as well they don’t know what they are missing. Have a good holiday.

  4. Jessie permalink

    It’s time to meet the brother. We need another posting. It’s going to very hard to wait until possibly Friday for a posting to find out how Shane reacts to meeting the brother “Andrew”.

  5. Philly Girl permalink

    I just caught up with the new story. I’m so glad you started working on DTL! I’ve read the excerpt about a dozen times waiting for more of Shane, Andrew and Paul.

    Queen of Cliffhangers and Plot Twists, I truly hope that Trudy’s son isn’t getting sick because of his grandmother’s plot to steal Shane’s inheritance. And the twins are actually Shane’s cousins and not nephews, correct?

    And how soon will we learn the identity of Shane’s father? I immediately thought of Aldridge, but he’s too young to be her father…unless I misread his initial introduction.

    Either way, I’m looking forward to the next update. I can only imagine Shane’s reaction when she finds out that Andrew is the “other man,” so to speak!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. kassie permalink

    Gurl u cant do this to us, am dyin here. I was wondering can a brother truly love another like the way Paul loves Andrew? I still doubt it

  7. Tori permalink

    Happy Thanksgiving sylvia. I am enjoying this book. I am glad we are finally about to meet the mistery brother! Let the games begin!

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