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Chapter 15

November 20, 2007

This is the last one for today folks. Talk to you early tomorrow!


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Chapter 15 Drawing the line (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

  1. kassie permalink

    I really dont no what dis is leadin to but i smell sometin i dont lyk. Wen r u gonna introduce Andrew as Paul’s brother cos i cant wait

  2. Soon my impatient Kassie. I want to establish the sexual tension, the main plot, the subplot and so forth before I get to the good part.

    That’s the good part.

  3. Okay Sylvia this is good but I need more you know how much of a junkie I am.

  4. Gail F. permalink

    Ok. I’m all caught up now.

    Damn Sylvia…….you don’t change one bit; no matter what you write, you are the “queen of mean”…..spoon feeding us little bits at a time;

    You gonna have a sista refreshing the screen when I’m supposed to be working.(lol)

    Anything you write is the bomb…..but this one has me really anticipating. Hey I really loved how you took us “out there” with Mistaken Identity so I hope/know you’re gonna do it again with this one.

    Go on with your BBBAAADDD self.


  5. Deja permalink

    Wow this story is sooo good right now. I like how it is progressing as it is. All the suspense and what not. Keep it coming Sylvia.

  6. Tori permalink

    Dern what in the world is going on now. This is so much suspense. Great Post.

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