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Chapter 14

November 20, 2007

This is a biggie and I usually try to break them up, but I’m trying to push this baby out as fast as possible before something else falls in my way. Don’t forget to leave a comment!


This section was deleted. Please check in order to retrieve this book or subscribe to author’s newsletter for more information at:  

Chapter 14 Drawing The Line (c) 2007 By Sylvia Hubbard

  1. Oh goodness. Don’t they know it’s never a good idea to go into an empty building that has a door bolted from the inside and a weird smell coming from around back? Now I’m getting scared and nothing’s even happened yet. 😦

  2. Deja permalink

    Yeah i am scared as well. OH gawd she is going to find that lady dead isn’t she. I am scared to ready the next chapter.

  3. Tori permalink

    Things are getting hot! Great Post.

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