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Chapter 11

November 19, 2007

Author’s Notes & thoughts: This is the first time I’m writing to you in the middle of the story. It’s kinda cool to see that you are really coming back and reading this and I’ know you are enjoying it (from all the comments – WOW!)

Now you’ve asked me offline, how do you get me to post more… Some of you were sore about that cliffhanger last week…Comment often and tell more people about me. That’s the secret. Isn’t that easy. Donations always are helpful too. Always helpful.

Bookclubs, readers groups and so forth are always invited to join in and share the rollercoaster ride. And the money you were going to spend on that book, donated to a great cause… me!!! (my paypal address is

okay, enough begging for more, time to satisfy you.



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One Comment
  1. Tori permalink

    Well at lease she is honest! Great Post.

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