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Chapter 10.1

November 16, 2007

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Chapter 10.1 Drawing The Line (c) 2007 by Sylvia Hubbard

  1. Sylvia how can you leave it here I don’t understand what the heck is going on. Please write more this is getting good.

  2. Tori permalink

    I really wish that Andrew was out of the picture. I really like her with Paul. They have so much chemistry. Plus I am trying to figure out how she ties into the two brothers. I am guessing they are trying to see who can get her pregnant first.

  3. kay permalink

    nooo.what happened after that?…awesome story Sylvia can’t wait to read more.

  4. Phyllis permalink


    I am really loving this story line. And this is a great cliffhanger for the weekend and I can’t wait until Monday to read more.

  5. eva permalink

    oh wow hotness overload… i would loooove 2 have 2 men all over me like they are doing shane.. oh wow

  6. eva permalink

    ok i gotta say it again dang that hot and unexpected wow come on syl next post please!!!!

  7. oops… whats this.. lust for andrew and love for Paul ? This cant be ur girl sylvia…

  8. dats was real hot although i prefer Shane with Paul, but i still like the whole roughness tin with Andrew. cant wait gurl

  9. johnandvan2006 permalink

    Sylvia, can she have them both…the story is hot…let Shane have the cerebral…and the physical, although I can tell Andrew is one alpha male, and Shane fighting her attraction is so hot….enjoying this so much. Oh and she can have both….but her family of vipers scares me, but i think her men will protect her. LOL

  10. I guess I’m the only one who wants her to be with Andrew lol Just because she works for him I guess and that seems like it’d be a more complicated relationship. I like to see people struggle to find love lol what does that say about me?

  11. ashwini permalink

    it is really getting hot and hot and hot. Great Post Gurl

  12. Ingrid permalink

    Wow, I’ve really liked this story from the first chapters you let us read. I’m confused a little, why was Shane picked to have their baby? Was Paul asking her to go with him to find the address (from Chapter One a coincidence or planned? Where is chapter nine?

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