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Author’s Note – Answering ??’s

November 16, 2007

What’s with Andrew? Who is the other person?

Sylvia: ummm…I can’t tell you that cause I’d be telling the story. You’ll find that out about chapter 15 or 16.

This story is sounding a bit familiar

Sylvia: Now as I’m going through, I see a lot of my older characters in there. Even a bit of Kim from SI1, but Shane’s got her own agenda and motives. I like her, but I’m liking Paul a lot too and the chemistry he has with Shane.

Is it thursday yet?

Sylvia: No. LOL. Her date with Paul is coming

What are the Meadows up to? Are they going to try to hurt Shane and what happened to Aldridge?

Sylvia: Aldridge’s in New York and Shane’s having a difficult time reaching him. The Meadows are up to a lot of things and Shane shouldn’t discount them as just triffling family.

Okay, I’m pretty tired. I’ll see if I can post tonight or something, but it might have to wait til Monday because my brain is fried. I’m still recouping from last weekend.


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  1. Tori permalink

    Thanks Sylvia for the insight.

  2. johnandvan2006 permalink

    Thanks for the replies, and I’m enjoying Andrew and Shane, something about the underlying attraction, but it appears as if Paul and Andrew knew more about Shane then I knew from the beginning, why her?

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