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Chapter 1.2

November 13, 2007

The conversation that she had a week ago with Aldridge ran through her mind as Shane trudged home in the snow from McDonald’s smelling like old grease and salt. By the time she arrived at the three-bedroom brick home, she was cold and exhausted. She still had to stay up and study. The rest of the family had turned in and she was glad about that.


            Entering through the side door of the home, she was able to walk straight down the basement stairs, passing the door that led up to the kitchen. She ignored the hunger monster grinding inside her stomach because she didn’t like to eat fast food. The last thing she wanted to do tonight was deal with any member of her family by waking them up from noises from the kitchen.


            Removing the grease smelling uniform, Shane longed for a nice hot shower, but she knew that was an out too because there was no shower in the basement’s half bathroom. She was lucky if she could get hot water down there.


            Her bedroom might be compared to living in squalor or that she was a squatter in a home that didn’t want her.


            Budrick had built a makeshift wall with a door to give her bedroom in the basement. She used a small wire to keep the door closed for some kind of privacy. Milk crates made a make shift desk with an old plywood board on top, Christmas lights decorated on the basement beams so she could see and a Dollar Store clock hung on the wall ticking loudly and always twenty minutes fast. She used fry boxes and more milk crates to keep her clothes in. Her bed was an old cot that had a mattress so worn she often felt bruises from the springs on her thighs and sides in the morning.


            There was a full-length mirror on her door that she looked in to se if she could see any current bruising from the bed. She knew if she slept on any bruises the next night, it might cut her skin. There was a certain thickness about her that she didn’t find great about her body, but Evan, her best friend since he had moved on the block when she was twelve told her she had a nice thickness that guys would like if she wore clothes that showed her figure.


            Removing the dark blue McDonald’s visor, she pulled the rubber band out of her hair and watched as her full dark brown hair cascaded down to touch her shoulders naturally curling from being in bounded for so long. She had learned how to cut her own edges, and normally kept it straight keeping it moisturized and self-permed. Standing at an average height, her overall body was satisfactory to her, but she had a feeling if she kept her family in her life, she would never find a good man who would put up with their mess.


            Lying down with her real estate management book, she forced herself to concentrate on reading at least four chapters before she went to bed.


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  1. Tori permalink

    Aww I feel so bad for her. Great Post!

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